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        According to the requirement of modernized corporate management system, SCIEG built a complete management system; meanwhile, the subsidiary groups have been established so as to further clear the division of the rights and responsibilities; the industries of SCIEG have been subdivided and the organizational work has been optimized so as to lay a solid foundation for the reasonable allocation of the resources and promotion of industrial integration.
        The board of directors of SCIEG establishes 5 specialized committees, namely, investment management committee, coal mine management committee, budget ma -nagement committee, high-speed train equipment committee and risk control committee.
        SCIEG also establishes 3 subsidiary groups, namely, Shanxi Coal International Energy Co., Ltd., Zhibo Co., Ltd. and SCIEG Investment Co., Ltd.
        During the business operation, SCIEG is trying to realize the mechanized production, specialized operation, clarified responsib -ility and right, normalized procedure normalization, professional personnel profession and intelligent management.