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        “Persistence” is the strong conviction towards development targets. Faithfulness to an ideal make us have a clear direction and be filled with confidence, and it also encourages us to never give up advancing towards the correct orientation. 
        “Practicality” is about the process. It’s not only highly responsibility for work, but also the constant perfection for details. Being practical is the basic principles for our work, which means we should plan before doing, execute during process, and reply after finishing.
        “Openness” is our attitude. We are good at learning from all people, overcoming limitations from different thoughts and areas,trying new ways and ideas. We always keep the ardour of studying, and we also encourage our team to be more and more diversified.
        “Excellence” is our pursuit for ideal state. We approach our corporation with a mind of excellence. Our goal is to develop better and faster. Everyone of our enterprise should upgrade themselves to higher standards.